Join Us!

Oak City Media, Inc., the parent organization which operates Raleigh's WKRP, is always on the lookout for new voices and new programming to add to our overall sound. While some stations will let virtually anyone "play disc jockey" after some basic training however, getting on WKRP requires a TEAM commitment:


TIME. For every two-hour programming block one of our live on-air personalities air, they're expected to commit a third hour to the station's operations in some other capacity, either on-air or off. It could be seeking out programming underwriters, staffing station events, or tidying up around the studios. Whatever needs doing. These "third hours" aren't always immediately needed, so we track them for use when needed to address station needs. So while you may not be asked to give us that "third hour" regularly, when we ask? We'll expect you to keep your word.

EFFORT. Each person associated with WKRP receives individualized training so as to perform tasks in a manner that benefits all and provides fun for those who volunteer to assist us. To ensure the best on-air quality possible, we expect ongoing effort from our producers. We expect scripts to be written in advance, with music selections at the ready. We expect our people to come fully prepared to do what it is they are here to do - knowing what they're going to do or say, and knowing how they're going to say or do it before "pulling the trigger."

ACTION. While we'll readily take action to help assist you in your goal of being on the air at WKRP, we'll expect you to help others in pursuit of that goal. It ties in to a degree with our "third hour" concept, but at its core, we help each other when we can, where we can, and in whatever manner we can.

MONEY. Thanks to the way WKRP's operations were planned from the outset, money's the least important element of TEAM - but it's still crucial. Membership in Oak City Media is a prerequisite for becoming a live show producer/host at WKRP. Adult members pay annual dues of $60/year, with a $60 initiation fee upon admission. Youth (under 18) membership is free. Annual dues are payable every January, but are prorated for members joining during the year; initiation fees, however, are not.

Still Interested?

If you've not been scared off by all this? Contact us and express your interest. We'll get back in touch to discuss what you may have in mind, and we'll see where things go from there!