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A North Carolina 501(c)(3) charitable corporation
4829 Alenja Lane
Raleigh, NC 27616-5029

Telephone: (984) 664-4646

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Management and Operations Team
John Masulonis, President
Patrick A. Weiss, President Emeritus
D.P. McIntire, Executive Director
Scott D. Bender, Vice President and General Counsel
Beth A. Spotts, Director of Information Technology
Justin Striebel, Director of Internet Development
Daphne P. Menendez, Director of Regulatory Compliance
Susan Font, Volunteer Assistant
Donna Fraser, Volunteer Assistant
Patrick Gwinn, Volunteer Assistant
Mark Hite, Volunteer Assistant
Kenneth Hoculock, Volunteer Assistant
Charles W. Matthews, Volunteer Assistant
Margaret V. McIntire, Volunteer Assistant
Jonas Sosa, Jr., Volunteer Assistant
Stephen L. White, Engineering Consultant