The call sign "WKRP" carries with it certain affinities that result in lots of requests for merchandise: bumper stickers, caps, t-shirts, and so forth.

While it's by no means even a side business for us, our parent organization (Oak City Media, Inc.) periodically will produce station-branded merchandise for fundraising purposes. So sadly, asking for "free merch" will be a futile endeavor. However, when we collect a sufficient number of requests from people willing to make donations for such items? We will order a quantity of items which feature one of two versions of our "101 Nine WKRP" logo.

We don't operate an online store for this merchandise, but if you're interested in helping fuel community radio by buying a bumper sticker ($7, plus shipping), a t-shirt ($25, plus shipping) or a baseball cap ($35, plus shipping)? Contact us and we'll gladly (eventually) hook you with some sweet looking gear!

The WKRP T-Shirt