Listening Live: Why You Can't.

As we readied WKRP for launch in 2015, our plans included supplementing our terrestrial broadcast signal with a live internet stream of our programming. But for multiple reasons it didn't materialize, and now, years later, it still hasn't.

WKRP's operations are financed entirely through member and listener support. Between music licensing fees, equipment purchases and maintenance, lawyers and accountants, and basic things like electricity, water, telephones and so forth? Operating WKRP costs money. If not for our broadcast facility being leased to us for $1 a year (and our landlord never bothering to collect it)? We'd never have gone on the air.

Thanks to operating on a shoestring budget, terrestrial music licensing rights fees are our largest ongoing operating expense. And while it's technically easy to flip the switch and have our signal streamed online? The music licensing rights fees to do so are separate, and significantly higher, than that of our terrestrial signal. And it's a burden we're not capable of bearing without outside help.

You can help by clicking here) and making a tax deductible contribution to WKRP's parent organization, Oak City Media, Inc. Commitments of as little as $150 a month would get WKRP's signal online, and would help keep it there.

So, want to hear WKRP online? Donate, and help make it happen. Otherwise, "stay tuned."