Listening Live

As we prepared to launch WKRP in 2015, we intended to supplement our terrestrial broadcast signal with a live internet stream of our programming. For a long and winding road of reasons? That didn't materialize. And it still hasn't.

Since the station's launch, our members and a few other dedicated folks have kept the station financially afloat - but obstacles regulatory, technical, and now financial have prevented us from putting our sound out to the world at large.

Broadcasting costs money. Doing it under FCC restrictions that limit your signal to 100 watts? Makes generating enough money to cover those costs hard. Doing it under additional FCC rules that greatly restrict what you can and can't say with respect to prospective sponsors? Well, that makes it nearly impossible.

Internet broadcasting costs would more than double our operating budget, and simply put it's a burden we're unable to bear without increased financial support from either our listeners (through tax deductable contributions, which can be made by clicking here through PayPal) or greater support from underwriting partners.

Either of these commitments, in consistent form of as little as $100 or more per month? Gets WKRP's signal online, and helps keep it there.

At some point we hope to be able to make internet streaming of our signal available through WKRPFM.COM. But we aren't there yet. If you want to see us stream online? Donate and help make it happen. Otherwise? "Stay tuned."